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thank you!!
you might finally give me the kick the pants i need to start my own quilt.


I love you more every day. This tip about pressing them flat makes me so happy! I didn't know this, and can't wait to try it...


The first time somebody told me about the pressing-flat thing it BLEW MY MIND. It really does make such a huge, huge difference.


I'm going to say it here in the comments before someone else notices. DUDE! I sewed that edge piece on UPSIDE DOWN! Gah!


I can't see your upside down piece at all. Man, you are way more thorough than I am! Which probably explains our different outcomes.

Christy / Not Hip

you are so awesome


Thanks for the tips. I'm getting ready to begin quilting and just ordered a bunch of books from the library. Will check out the other links you posted too.


I have to admit that I'm a fly by the seat of my pants sort of sewer, but this tutorial might lead me to change my ways. Ironing seams flat first? I love that idea.

I also love the use of the term water wings, and will do my damnedest to work it into conversation today.


Oh, Caro, thank you!


That does look very precise and perfect! (just the way I like it :))


Great tips, Caro! I started machine quilting my first "big girl" quilt (not a tied quilt) yesterday. I can't wait to start my next one and press those seams flat. I had no idea.


Your points are so perfectly matched! I always press my seams to the side rather than open.


This is totally awesome, Caro, thanks!


Thanks so much Caro! I can't wait to see more of your excellent advice.

Tam @ 1/4 of an inch

Just popped in to say Hi - so glad to have found your blog...will be back for a looksy again...

Tam xo


I am reading your blog on a regular basis - sorry being a lousy commenter - but now I HAVE to say your perfection level is incredible!!!!
really nice work and great skills, congrats!
kind regards from europe,

Jane Weston

Beautifully explained and illustrated. After years of pressing to one side, I've been experimenting with pressing seams open and I may just be converted.


>I sewed that edge piece on UPSIDE DOWN! Gah!

I was wondering :)


I love the fabric in this block! Lovely.


The no wiggling of the iron tip is just what I needed, I think I move my iron too much. Thanks :)

Luciana P

Great tips! Thanks for sharing.


Darn it, I wish I had found this earlier! Thank you for the great tips, they will definitely come in handy.


Well, I think I've figured out why I far prefer knitting to quilting (and sewing in general). I hate using an iron for anything!!! Thanks for the tips. I'll try pressing my seams flat next time.


thanks for the great tips and photos. it is so true - to take your time. I need to practice this....

Christine M east of toronto

well, you know what they say.... Life is in the details. And never more so than in crafting!

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