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I love the fabric on the bag in the top photo. You always seem to find the best fabric.


aw! mad splityarn love. I need to save up my monies for more. thanks for the shoutout C!


Thanks for including my photo! I can't wait until the next update, my fingers are crossed for an Orla pouch (like everyone else, I'm sure!)


ooh i'm off to search for splityarn on facebook! happy friday!


I made a donation in your dad's name. Does the fdn let you know about those donations too?


Congrats again on #5, dahling - that's amazing!

Splityarn in the Wild contribution from Finny coming soon...We're off to The Actual Wild next week :)


I can't frickin' believe I won! Pinch me! I'm kicking myself for the top post on my blog having more than nothing to do with my double chin.


Five years is a long time in blogsphere. I am one year ahead and playing catch up!

Just chill and enjoy your other adventures :)

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