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Wow. That's a LOT of fabric. Love the different prints. How honored to be chosen to make things for the Summit. Happy sewing!


That is awesome news!! Good luck with all the sewing :)


That's great. They are lucky to have you!


Well, these are just stupid cute I tell ya. SUPID. CUTE.


I am so jealous... I wish I could come to either of those events to support you in person!

Best of luck with all the sewing!


That's a huge stack! Good luck with all the sewing! Questions...how do you cut all the fabric so even and where'd you get that bat fabric?


Cool! I'm going to Sock Summit, too! I will track you down at your booth and make sure that I can get my picture taken with you (now that you're famous and everything). I'll even wear my Intrawest jacket :)


Ooh! All that fabric is amazing. I can't wait to see your new creations. :)

Knitterella Purl

Great news! I am so envious of anyone who can make it to Sock Summit.


Holy Crap! That's a lot of cut pieces!!
Wish I were going to the Sock Summit! It sounds amazing.


Hooray! We'll be there too! I can't wait to see your work in person.


That is A LOT A LOT of cutting!!! Wowza! Good luck at your events!!!


see you at the Sock Summit, then!

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