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And totally cool, too!


thanks for this post and the links. there's a duaflex being shipped to me right now.

Jeanne B.

I love the artsy feel that the photos get from the way the viewfinder frames them. Neat!


Yes - I love my Duaflex (and I have a Kodak one, too - can't remember which model) that I inherited from my father. Love, love, LOVE the TtV shots. I just wish the contraption (and camera) weren't so bulky to carry around so I could get more shots when I wasn't deliberately planning a TtV trip. :)


Doh - make the second one a different brand. The Duaflex is the Kodak. *blush*


wowwww that is so cool! i'm totally trying this


this looks like so much fun! i've been wanting to get one of my own for awhile, too. they're so inexpensive! i'm loving the shots you've taken with yours.


Oh that is so cool. I might have to hitch a ride on that bandwagon shortly.


Loving the house shot.


So fab Caro! I have an old timey black and white polaroid that take similarly fun, nostalgic pics.


what a fabulous idea! I love the middle image. [goes to eBay right now to look for a Duaflex]. actually I even have a Lubitel I might be able to use...


Wow - you just sparked something in me that makes me want one too! I love the old dusty lens too - so much character!


that is SO awesome! I saw that idea on the photojojo newsletter (if you aren't a subscriber, you would LOVE IT!) i really want to try that!

can't wait to get my box bags! YEA!!!


thank you! now i must go on a quest to find an old camera!


ps - your pictures look great!


Love the TTV! Let' go for another walk soon.

Miss T

Ohh that's a gorgeous camera!

Peacock Chic

oh cool!! I have got to try that!! I have one of those cameras just waiting for me to try.

Kansas A

That is so cool! I've never heard of doing this before but now I'm keeping my eye out for an old camera :) Thanks for posting!


damnit! had to have one the minute I read this post. scored one from ebay for $6.99. This looks like so much fun.

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