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Oh I just love that picture of your parents in the sedan. And I hope to be able to have your perspective and strength when my dad passes away.


I'm so sorry about your Dad. I know it has probably become easier to deal with the loss over time, but it's always sad when someone leaves us too soon . I think it's wonderful that you're doing this in his memory.


what a lovely idea....and such a nice way to pay tribute.


hugs to you caro! my husband, KP, lost his mother to a brain tumor when he was 16. even 16 years later, it's still hard to talk about his mom but it definitely helps the hurt. your dad sounds like a loving and caring guy. this is a great way to remember him.


I think this is awesome. My father just died (April 3) of cancer. I kind of wish in some ways I was at the 10 year mark so that this hurt would be less fresh. I guess it never gets easier in some ways, though - like when you meet the person you want to marry. I'm heading to the shop RIGHT NOW. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

Joe Doyle

An amazing idea, Caro. You're the bee's knees for sure.


I have a lump in my throat. Thanks for sharing this Caro.


Sadly, we share this experience. My dad died of a brain tumor in February 1997, about six months after diagnosis. One of the first charity bike rides I ever did was for the Brain Tumor Society.

I'm sorry for your loss. This is a great idea!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and these wonderful photos. Hugs to you!


Oh, Caro, what a sweet tribute to your dad. This reminds me of why I work so hard to raise money to support cancer researchers and neuroscientists. I hope that some day, we reach the point when nobody has to write these kinds of posts.

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