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Oh gosh, I am so sorry Caro. I had no idea.


aw, this is really great, caro. your dad sounds like he was a pretty amazing guy. i still get such a kick out of the story about his brother and him rearranging things when it was their week to run the biz. no doubt your dad raised a fabulous gal!



it's a lovely tribute and i just love the photo of your mum and dad.


What a really lovely thing to do! Go Caro!


These pictures are great - he looks and sounds like a really amazing person, and your fabulous smile looks a lot like his. you are doing an awesome thing! and thanks for sharing this with us.


What a touching tribute.


Shoot Caro, I'm really sorry to hear about your dad. This is a really lovely thing for you to do.


beautiful tribute, caro. {{{hugs}}}


YOU are a tribute to your dad, I'm sure of it.


Oh, Caro, I'm so sorry. The pictures are so great- I'm glad you shared them.


Such a moving post and lovely tribute to your dad. *huge hugs* And what you are doing is awesome.


What a lovely tribute, Caro. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your dad with us. You are the amazing legacy of a great man.


Perhaps not the happiest, but very meaningful! This is a wonderful way to remember your father!


What a touching and lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing.


Oh, Caro. What a lovely, lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing. I am actually reading this post after I snagged a couple of your box bags from the update, and am even more glad now that I know some of the proceeds are going towards such a great cause.


Thanks for sharing such a personal story. I work in a brain cancer research lab, so I know first hand that these donations really help!


i love the photos that you shared with us. that photo of your dad on the boat is a great one because he looks so genuinely happy. what a truly touching post; thank you so much for sharing your story with us. happy birthday to your dad.


This is a wonderful tribute to your father Caro! Thank you for sharing your story.
Love the photos.


Aw, you're parents were so handsome together. Such a sweet idea.


A huge hug for you. That last pic is so wonderful--what a sharp pair, the two of them.


Caro, your dad sounds like a great guy and it's great of you, too, to do this in his memory.


Hey - I've been there. Dad to a brain tumor in 2005. I'm so sorry & I'm off to buy a bag. (My blog is rather abandoned but here's my one year anniversary post: http://kniticity.blogspot.com/2006/08/one-year-ago-today.html )


This is a wonderful tribute to your dad. Both my grandfathers died of brain cancer, so this hits close to home for me. I hope you have great sales and raise tons of money for a great cause!


This is a fantastic way to honor your dad. I love the memories you shared.


This is such a lovely way to remember your dad. I hope you raise lots of money this month!

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