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My my my - that is one HOT sweater. I love the edging. I may have to try this raglan pattern out for myself once I finish Bubba's Seamless Hybrid. I'm on the shoulder decreases now, which claim to be "fun", but I'm worried. I am afraid I'm decreasing too much and that it'll have these enormously long armpits. We'll see.

Anyway - Happy 5 years! Old timer!


so fantastic! love the sweater! Happy blogiversary, Caro! We love ya.


Congrats on sticking with it for 5 years. I love the way the raglan turned out. The pink trim looks nice with the heather gray.


Congrats on 5 years! Love the pink contrasting. And what a great idea on the I-cord for the neckline. Will need to remember that one.


Congrats on your blogiversary and the awesome sweater! I love your necklace, too!!

Nadia Lewis

Happy Blogiversary, Caro! :)


Wow! 5 years! Way to go! I love visiting you blog! The i-cord edging is brilliant, it looks great!


Congrats on 5 years!
I really love that sweater, the color pairing is perfect and it looks so lovely on you :)


Five years! Woo hoo! If not for blogging, etc. we never would have met, and then I'd have to be sad... Happy blogiversary, lady!


love the sweater! i will tuck that i-cord idea to the back of my mind and use it, someday.


I love reading your blog! It's always filled with fun and crafty goodies! Congratulations of 5 years!


OH my gosh that's a LOVELY FO! And inspiring. I really need to get around to doing one of those for myself, hopefully fairly soon.

And happy blogiversary!


Great job on the Studio Raglan - love the colorway.

Congratulations on 5 yrs!


I love the little bit of pink on your sweater!


Five years! When you compare that to how long the Internet has been around, it does feel like forever. Congratulations! And you timed finishing a sweater for it perfectly. ;)


Wow- 5 years that is wonderful! I adore the sweater as well- It looks great!


wow I love this sweater, it looks so comfy! too bad it's warming up! Next winter!


I love your blog! Your pics are always terrific! My hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in a few months, by visiting Northern California!

Darlene Garner

Congrats on your blogiversary and also finishing the sweater. I like what you did to finish the neckline and will go to the Purl Bee tutorial to finish off a sweater I'll be starting next week. Nice job!


Sorry I'm "sa" from above....just pushed enter...opps!


Congrats on five years and on finsihing the sweater. It's a great looking sweater... I think I might have to try my hand at making one myself. Thanks for all of the great reading material and pictures!


It looks awesome!


Congrats on the 5th and the fab sweater!!


Congratulations on the 5 year mark!


Happy 5 year blog-day. Love that little cherry necklace you have on in that last shot.

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