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I absolutely LOVE that first picture. Welcome back, glad you had a good mini break.


Great images - I wish it was spring here!


If you guys decide you need another little dose of Spring (you know, before JUNE) you are more than welcome to visit us in CA. :) I have poppies, irises, and bluebells a plenty!


I am very jealous. We are on day three of a major blustery snow storm in Manitoba. Would your friends like some more company?

Stardust B

I live in Nashville and am loving the weather. All the cherry blossoms are great too.


Beautiful photos!

I'm a former Pennsylvanian who is now transplanted here in Nashville, TN (well, Hendersonville - slightly north, but I work in downtown Nashville) and one thing I certainly don't miss are the long, dreary winters back home. Spring is so happy and beautiful (and EARLY) here!


Glad you had fun Caro! I'm so jealous.


Just dropped by to tell you that I LOVE your photos. They are just gorgeous!


Those are beautiful photos!


Oh yeah, it's smoker weather in NorCal, too. Soon we'll be out back with the brisket and pork shoulder in our flip-flops and I can NOT wait.


yeah, I'm ready for spring, too. I spent last week in San Antonio, and returning to Iowa City was hard!!! Of course, unlike you, I never missed winter in all the years I lived in Texas -- fall, yes, but winter, no.....


I like the spring too much and I thing the king of the season is spring.

Bill Harkema

Hi Carolyn,
I read your tribute to your dad. I can't believe its 10 years since he & I walked around the golf courses of North America!
Sometimes I hear the echo of a laugh at his, or my expense when a lousy shot is made.! These memories are stored in a special place!
I see yours are as well.
Bill Harkema

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