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I love that you're doing this and you're so right that it's not something you see very often. I love that sweater -- it looks beautiful.


I really want to make one of these for Jacob, but he's so skittish about it. Maybe I should just DO IT and then he will love it and wear it out like your husband does. It looks great!


This really i such a great sweater. It is the kind of sweater that makes me wish I had a boyfriend just so I could make him this sweater and make him wear it all the time.


I love the update, and yes, you are correct, it is THE sweater I plan to knit for ollie, all because of B's love for his!

Christy / Not Hip

Interesting about the knit versus seamed hem....and a bummer, too, b/c I like knitting it together. I love the contrasting facings on this sweater.
This is still on my list for P-funk...but it may be a year or so. Since I am work on Cobblestone and he wants a cardigan next.


I think I actually remember reading about you knitting this when it was first made. One of the first blogs I ever read. This sweater still looks great, and I happy that he still really likes it.


the knit hem is definitely easier, but they flipping would annoy me too. i like that purl gutter! i think it looks very neat and professional!


That is a great sweater. A supergreat sweater, in fact. Yay! The Cascade is wearing up so well, too. Plans are being hatched around these parts even as I type.... Thanks for the update, I love hearing how handknits have fared!


This is what you hope for in any knitted gift! I think the best thank you for a knitted item is very regular wear!


I love that Cascade 220 color! I made a sweater that no longer fits out of the same one. Now I'm trying to find a pattern to fit the yarn.


That's a really good idea! Re-reporting how knits are doing now--it reminds me a lot of those VH1 shows about young popstars. :)


It's so nice when the recipient truly appreciates a handknit. Well done.


Thanks for the info on the sweater. I'm eyeing it for my own husband and it's great to know it's a well loved pattern and yarn.


So true about how this sweater can convince husbands that handknits are good. Not that mine needs much convincing...


I think this is a great idea, looking back at the old knits! I hope my husband's soon-to-be-finished Seamless Hybrid is as well-loved as yours is.


I was just looking at this on Ravelry and thinking it might make a nice sweater for me -- glad to see I'm not the only one! I love hearing your thoughts on how they worked out when done and worn for some time!


I was just talking about this with Cassie/TMW - I think we should ALL pull out our finished knits and assess their longevity. A community service AND blog material. A win/win.


I think these previous knit reports are a great idea, its so valuable to see what yarns and patterns work in the long run.


Terrific idea and a great report! Love these photos, too.


I've admired this in your Ravelry FO list. Nice to hear a report!


i love reviews of sweaters after they've been worn :) good to hear your thoughts on the matter.


This is so timely as I am just about to cast one of these bad boys on! Cascade 220 is such a stalwart companion:)


Brilliant idea. Thanks so much. I look forward to your future posts and hope this will start a trend amongst knit bloggers.


This is such a nice sweater! Happy 2009 to you!


Thanks for your review. I just ordered a bunch of cascade 220 (in the tweeds) to knit my husband a sweater. I've only used it for a few smaller projects so far and none of them had gotten a lot of wear yet. It's nice to know it will stand up to pretty nearly constant wear, that exactly what this sweater is supposed to be for.

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