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I wear my hat so low, I swear my eyelashes might touch it. Good to know that I have career options at ski resorts available to me.


i knit a coronet from DB Cashmerino Aran as well, but i gifted it (yikes!) and don't know how it wears now... i have knit a simple cabled hat and a matching set of fingerless mitts and they're wearing well enough. like you said, it is very soft. and for a hat, really, it's fabulous. i'll be on the watch for which yarn you select for your next coronet. maybe i'll have to copy.


Boo on the pilling, it's such a lovely hat on you too! Extra boo because I have a PILE of DB Casharan in my stash for the FLS! :-(


I loved my coronet... I lost it at a concert. I should make another one. I love how it keeps ears so warm.


hee hee, never thought about the low hat things, guess growing up in a resort town like Truckee CA you just don't know any different :)


It's beautiful, too bad it pills so badly.

This hat has been in my queue for a long time. Maybe it'll be next after I finish my family of thorpes!


i always wear my hat low too - even lower than my eyebrows!

i have heard that debbie bliss yarn tends to pill in general...bummer :(


I guess I hang out with too many ski resort employees...but I always wear my hat low as I want to make sure it's covering my ears - very importing when boarding down a slope in the wind!


You're right about the low-brow thing. Although Bubba swears this is a knuckle-dragger trait rather than a two-planker trait.

Stupid skiiers and their I-was-here-first mentality ;)

At least I can walk into the lodge for my noon beer without ker-klunking the crap out of myself. Love those boots.


nice!! i love wearing my hats low also. i'm glad you can get good use out of it.


Love that pattern -- it looks like you made it so that the bottom doesn't roll up -- that's how I did it (actually cause I didn't follow the pattern correctly). I think it's a little more streamlined without the roll-up (personal preference). And yes -- we all still wear our hats low on the forehead -- at 10 below yesterday in Maine -- we need all the coverage we can get!

Nadia Lewis

Looks great on you!


Such an accurate portrait of the ski lift personnel:)

Erin - France

I knit my coronet in Dream in Colour Classy and it's being used intensly in North France (we had up to -12°C last week). Anyway, just a heads up to say it's very warm and seems to be wearing well.
It's a quick knit, you'll soon have a new one!


It does look great on you! I'm all about hats these days!


Even pilly, the color is perfect.


It's still pretty, I like that cable!


That looks really cute on you!

patricia fontes

really nice! adorable on you!

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