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There are babes being born all around me these days too. I've got a half finished BSJ that was for my cousin's baby born last summer. I'm pretty sure it will be much too small for him at this point. Luckily I know two more baby boys due shortly.
Maritza's softies are brilliant. We own two. Thanks for the heads up on the pattern. I didn't know about that.
Have a great trip.


Ha--Penguin is the first thing on my post-Christmas list now too!


Aw, the stoner elephant is my favorite


ugh, i love babies and i love my friends and family, but dear god, i cannot take anymore weddings or pregnancies!!! it's making my biological clock tick so loud, i feel like captain hook.


Maritza is such a color maven, thanks for pointing us in her direction once again!


omg, the eyes on the elephant are awesome! :)


I just pulled out my Pedro the Penguin from last year. Makes me feel very Christmasy!!!


I'm not actually surrounded by babies...just a crowd of pregnant women! But I've started thinking ahead and have already been poking around Maritza's shop. :) Trying to hold off to see what else she does in the next 9 months, but oh! the temptation...


Those are so great! Thanks for sharing a good source.
Hope you are doing well Caro!

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