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loved following your days.
yes.....do it again.
congrats on your accomplishment!


Oh, please do it again! Your photos are so much fun!
Love the clones.


congrats on finishing! i hope you do another year - your SPs are always fun


i have an idea -- why don't you start up again on january 1st. you'll have the entire month off and then you can start fresh.


That's fantastic--way to go! I'm planning on testing this out come new year as well.


Loved your photos! You've inspired me to give the project a shot starting Jan 1st!


nice work. i can't recall seeing anybody make the 365 their own quite the way you have. there's some really creative stuff in there, and a lot of variety as well.

Peacock Chic

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just started mine so I have a LOOOOOONGGGGGG way to go, but I can just imagine your excitement. Yay!!


congratulations on finishing! i'm hoping you do continue :)

Yes, year 2!! I like Maryse's idea about a month off ...


Cool trick photo!!!! That's awesome!

Mary - aka coastergirl

After staying up till 2 one morning looking through the flicker group, I was so inspired (or was it slap happy) that I have decided to start on Jan 1...... Lets do it!!!!!


That photo of all those yous is so amazing!

I have to say, you've really inspired me to want to give the 365 thing a go. I'm really terrible about having my picture made and watching your ease in front of a camera makes me want to try to get better about it.


woo-hoo! I loved your 3-6-5 photos. And the cloned ones were my fav. I'll be using that tutorial.
Merry Christmas!

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