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Your photoshopped ones are just amazing to me! :) I love all your 365 photos, I wish mine were are intresting, but then again I still have quite along way to go :D Congrats on making it a whole year.


I LURVE the elvis costello pic...I agree, it's a perfect way to keep a diary. You have so many greats Caro, please say you'll do a year two?


Great pics, I love them all! I am really enjoying your flickr page.


omg I LOVE the one with all the cats. The look on your face says it all.


I was just thinking about the superpowers photos this morning. I'm looking forward to Friday's photo :)
(And yes, a year 2 please!)

Christy / Not Hip

I'm really confused by the first pic. I think I missed that one in your flickr


I totally love the one with the cats. You are too cute!


you are a master at photoshop! wow i love the portraits... makes me want to give this a shot... i too am a great Starter.


i love keeping up with my flickr contacts through their 365 SPs, but i don't think i could ever do it either! congrats - you're almost at the end!

karen BORREL

oh gosh I love your pictures - it's been a pleasure to see each one every day - thank you !

Peacock Chic

Oh man your shots are so good. Love them!! Especially the cat lady one...hee hee.

I hope my 365 turns out as great as yours!


I'm sad to see that you'll be done with it by Friday!
What are you going to do with yourself when there's no 365 shot to take?!


Ha! I love the one with the cats!


all of your pictures are so fun and inspiring! you have a new fan.

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