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hey - if you look good in it, keep wearing it, right? :)


These are great pictures!


Why would anyone want to have an intervention with you about robin's egg? That is bananapants.


Awesome photos! Nothing wrong with the color blue. I'm all about blue and red.


If it makes you happy, stick with it! Personally, I think you rock the red and blue combos.


what's not to love about red and blue? robin's egg blue. not navy blue because that's just a little too "airline" for me.


The blue section of my closet could eat the others for breakfast. You're not alone.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

That robin's egg, red, brown combination is my all-time favorite. Most of my house is done in those colors, with liberal doses of pale yellow.


Hey, I say if it looks good on you, stick with it. I think the robin's egg blue is very flattering on you. I have a similar problem with orange, but the trouble is - I love every shade of orange. Neon orange ... autumn orange ... kraft mac & cheese orange - it makes for some really heinous wardrobe opportunities.


I LOVE red, and you captured some rich red tones in those shots.


I love that robin's egg blue, and I think it looks spectacular with the red. Great photos!


I just love these photos. Looking at them makes me happy!


Red and robin's egg blue rock, as you rock when you wear 'em. It's funny because since I saw that top photo of you hugging the yarn in your 365, I have totally come to think of that combo as "Caro colors."

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