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Those are great.

I've never heard of the Bazaar Bizarre, and I'm only 40 minutes from the Plaza!

Road trip! Woo-hoo!

Divine Bird Jenny

Caro, I hope I see you at Rhinebeck! I have been following your blog for a long time now (though I rarely comment, heh, sorry about that) and I LOVE your stuff. I get inspired to sew again every time you post! :D


Every year I see more and more familiar faces at Bazaar Bizarre. Which totally rocks!


oooh maybe Ill see you there then :) at either of them! hehehe.


Wahoo for getting a table at the bazaar! Those box bags are fantastic!


You've got some fun times ahead of you, lady! I can't wait until those box bags debut in the store. :D


Breathe, girl, breathe!

I'm so excited that this year I can actually go to Bazaar Bizarre -- I've missed it every other year.


Those box bags rock- especially in those citrusy colors.


Una foto preciosa.


WOW - congrats! Good luck at Bazarre Bizarre, that's great. I'm sure you'll sell out and have them begging for more. I'm currently looking at my ziploc accessory with disdain...

Susanne Johnson


I really covet one of your awesome SLR camera straps. Any ideas on when more might be in the shop? I'm seconds away from snatching my friend's squirrel strap.

Love your stuff,


1) Those bags are teh awesome.
2) Dude! Bizarre bazaar ROCKS (and they have nothing like it in Fresno, go figure).
3) I will be seeing you in JUST ONE SLEEP.
4) Do not be surprised if I catapult myself at you for a big old hug.
5) When you DO see me, I will have been awake since midnight EST (3am PST), so please give me a beer and then make me go to bed.
6) YAY!


You are set to makes tons o'cash at the Bazaar, hope your fingers don't get tired!!


Those bags are exquisite.

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