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Knitting the February Lady Sweater is a great idea! I just finished one and I love it. It's a fast knit taking me just over a week to finish. Happy knitting!


ooh, that looks like lovely yarn, especially the top 3. That pink is so, so nice!

I'll have to check this yarn out. Thanks for the heads up.


Hey! I thought I was the only knitter who had almost no stash (I don't think four skeins counts as a stash). Good to know there are others of us out there! And in the Boston area too!


I am a recent convert to the non-stashing knitters club - I gave it all away and only have about 6 projects worth (and 4 of those are socks). I don't think predictable is a bad thing - I think predictable is also reliable. GORGEOUS colors btw.


maya's FLS is totally what inspired me to start my own!


I bought some Brooks Farm Mas Acero at Stitches Midwest, for a February Lady Sweater. I can't resist Brooks Farm...


You know what you like and you have a system. So much better sounding that predictable!


oooh--that's a lot of mas acero! I wish I had bought more myself at rhinebeck. oh well... happy to hear my my sweater inspired you. :)


I love that Brooks Farm is what broke you! Might as well hoard what you love, right?

The blue one on the bottom is my favorite. Mmmm, need... more... Brooks... Farm!




I just stayed away from Brooks Farm this year. I knew I would just buy the yarn because it's pretty and it would stay in the stash with no particular use in mind. I love all the ones you got though. Gorgeous. Oh, I think I need to pay you some money...

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