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Dumbass people leave pets behind. Exceptional people take in those pets and make them part of their families.

I'm so happy that you've sold the Austin house, although I can understand how it would be bittersweet.


Good for you. I went through the same thing last year with a relocation.

You know, people are such wastes of space sometimes. When I was young my mom got a pure bread irish setter out of the paper for free because the family was moving & didn't want to bother with the dog. He turned out to be one of the best dogs we ever had. Go figure.


Man that was a kick-ass bathroom.. and kitchen. But those tiles, LOVE!

Pretty Jane

Yeah, but what I really want to know is: how'd you get that muck off the tub??? Yikes, but I could use some of whatever that is...

Am loooving the green tile. Yum!


whoever bought it got really lucky. You guys did a killer job on fixing that house up. Id have been happy to buy it that or have you decorate if I ever buy one :)

Jeanne B.

Congratulations! Thank you for proving that homes can and do sell "in this economy". I have three properties on the market right now so I can relate. (It's not what you think! I'm not a real estate mogul, I just had a house of my own to sell then inherited one that had to be subdivided and sold.)

Good luck with the move and enjoy your new digs!


Oh my God, I have loved your before and after pics!
Lovely house!


you kicked butt on that kitchen, and who ever purchased the house is lucky.
Congrats on selling- it is tough market... onto the next project, right?


I know how hard it is to sell a house you've made "yours." I had real problems with the fact that I knew that the guy who bought my house would change some of the things I loved, like my red kitchen cabinets. I haven't found another one yet, but I'm sure I will, and you know you will, too....


congrats on the house selling! that must be a big weight lifted off your shoulders. and, wow, poor bicoe! those previous-house-dwellers were meanies.


Congrats on selling! It's definitely harder these days.

I can't believe that story about Bicoe! I'd kick their asses too.


You guys look so HGTV Designed to Sell right there. I too will fondly remember your red kitchen (so daring and HOT) and ambitious tiled bathroom.

Just wait until you can do it again! Won't that be fun?!

I trust no extra cats were waiting for you at your new home.


Congratulations on selling your house. I remember coveting your red kitchen. :)


Oh I remember reading all the fun projects you did to that house! It must be bitter sweet. So glad you are happy and healthy in your new home. Congrats on the sale!
(And I'm still wishing I had that bathroom. Fabulous!)

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