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VERY cool! congratulations! i'll be adding your shop to my feed reader.


It looks beautiful! Congrats! and I am handy with CSS, so you can always hit me up wit question. :)

and OMG point and shoot straps. So very excited!


NICE WORK! I happy that you've come to your decision with confidence!! Many congratulations.

I know a bit of CSS also, so if Carrie can't help - I'll try too if you need it.


Very Cool. I can't wait for those camera straps! Love them.


All signed up for the new RSS feed :)


Great idea to sign up for the feed!


I just left your new store after purchasing a strap and a pouch!! I am very happy regarding your move. I really wanted one of your camera straps but am very gunshy about Etsy [bad purchase experience and even worse follow-ups with Etsy customer service which should be renamed customer disservice]. I feel bad for the stores that provide great service but I do support them if they set up their own stores.


My only suggestion is that it is somehow communicated that the homepage does not represent everything you have in stock. At first glance, I thought you only had nine products currently available. But then I started clicking around. Perhaps that header that currently says "Home" could say something about being just a sampling.


That was officially the fastest response to a comment EVER! You are a rockstar.


Oooh! I'll definitely be buying a point and shoot camera strap when you've got them!


Hi, I have been reading your site for awhile, and I've been meaning to comment because I'm always so curious about the random people who visit my blog but don't comment, and anyway, your blog is great, and all the things you make are so lovely. More importantly--I know a decent amount about CSS and would be happy to answer coding questions, though I know nothing about BigCartel, so... my offer may or may not be helpful. :)

Nichole D.

Congrats on the move to a new space!

I might be able to help with some CSS- I'm no expert or anything, but I know a little bit!


if you're up for learning some CSS.. way back when i started learning (like 10 years ago) there was a great "learn CSS in 24 hours" book that i liked and found helpful. might be worth looking into.

i was so happy to see your new store i immediately bought something, of course!


well I would offer some CSS help, but seems like you might be covered on that end now. New shop looks great - I keep eyeing those camera straps!


CSS is a great dance band from brazil....thats a bit random ,but true


Way to go making the switch! You trailblazer, you.

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