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That sock looks gorgeous! I actually did a pair of socks in that same color a couple months ago, but I would never have thought of doing stripes like that! Can't wait to see the finished product :)


beautiful! I love Noro.


WOAH! What a brilliant idea! I love the effect!!!I wish I would have thought of that two weeks ago, now my noro socks are finished & while ok, yours are going to rock!!


Holy smokes I love it! I am finishing up a pair of socks in this exact color right now - darn if only I'd seen your idea earlier! Well - there's always next time :)

I have that color of Noro sock yarn. I was thinking of making a feather & fan scarf with it. Speaking of giant wool sweaters, I'm working on Twist. Boy is it HOT in my lap!


That's me posting about the Noro and Twist. Don't know what happened to my name!


WOW - really lovely. I love how Noro can be "re-invented" in so many ways.


That's awesome! I love the idea of knitting from both sides to get your stripe pattern, and I love that colorway. I've never used Noro but had seen that color for sale and think it's really gorgeous.


I can see why it sung to you, cause it's singin' to me too! I might need to try this out. Gorgeous work.


Gorgeous sock!

Jen da purse Ho

OMG that is so gorgeous! i'm speechless !


I am so glad you posted this! I have a skein of Noro sock yarn and wanted to try the striped socks I've been seeing . Just last week I wondered if working from both ends would produce the desired effect. And, lo, you provided the answer and photographic proof.


This is turning out so well! Can't wait to see the pair!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh, how cool! I wonder if the colors will ever converge and mess up your perfect stripes?


Those colors look fantastic! Such a good idea to work from both ends.


That looks so great! And that's so creative, using both ends of the same skein!


I like that idea! Definately will have to try it! Thanks :)


great sock! I am actually doing the same thing, although alternating every two rows, but think we might even be using the same colour - well, mine is also mainly purples and greens, but yours looks much brighter so maybe it's not. I think this idea is starting to catch on with quite a few people!


Wow! That's pretty much sock genius!


This is the first time I have ever actually liked Noro. Usually the colors are too bright and too many for me, but with the stripes, there's an order to it all!
I just might try to make a hat like this with my one skein of Noro.


nice - what a great summer project.


So cute! It's just adorable.


I love these socks!




I have also ripped and started and ripped and started the tangled yoke...a sock is the perfect remedy! Beautiful colors. I might need to hunt down some Noro sock yarn....

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