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Rethreading the serger is definitely a PITA. I do it this way, too.


Great tutorial! My mom taught me to do that with a sewing machine because she used to do that with the sergers in the factory where she worked. I don't have a serger, but when I get one, I will use this as a threading tool. *filing away in my mental rolodex*


I hate having to rethread my serger. This is the best way to do it. My mom told me right before I threw mine out the window lol.


I sure hope this comes in handy for me in the future. I'd definitely be scared to rethread such a complicated machine!




That's how I've rethreaded my serger(s) for years... even now that I have the super easy to thread babylock imagine, it's still simpler to just tie on new threads.


If I'm ever crazy enough to get a serger, this will be great. I'm glad to see you are crazy now :)


Great idea - can't wait to try it.


Hi, with my serger (we call them overlock machine over here in germany) this procedure doesn´t work with the 2 "needle threads" but the others work great!

Bye, Kati

Miss Dot

thanks for that, I knew about it but not the turning your tension to 0 bit. Now if I can just work out how to adjust the tension. I bought mine at a Hock/Pawn Shop and it didn't come with a book... cheers

Casey @ On Your Feet Project

My mom taught me a similar method for re-threading sergers (as we call them in Boston, MA USA). However, the knot method was slightly different. You start the same by cutting the old thread and putting the new spools on. However, using the old thread you then tie a simple knot around the new thread, and do the same with the new thread around the old. You then pull the two together and snip the tails. This makes a smaller knot that may even fit through the needle holes.

I'll post photos tonight.


No need to adjust tension - simply pull thread away from tension rings (you know - slip it from between the discs), pull gently till new threads are thru, then slip new thread back between the discs. I learned this in getting to know your machine class WAAAAY back in 1984 - still using the same machine.


What a great idea! If only I could get my serger threaded in the first place. Mine is a hand-me-down from Grandma who hasn't used it in years and can't remember how to thread it. Someday...

Lori Magno

This post was fantastically helpful! Thank you!


I tried that tip on my Bernette Funlock - what a great tip - Thanks a lot!


I've recently joined and wanted to introduce myself :)

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