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Silver Ilix

Totally cute! But.... I love the socks too.


i hear you on the pouches but have to admit i'm still pretty anti-matchy-matchy. the pouches i wouldn't have any other way. maybe, i just need to catch up with you in age! hahhahahah. hilarious.


the pouches look fab!! but it is possible to overdo the coordination. I remember staying at a newly married friends house and being stunned how coordinated everything looked, curtains, crockery, cushions, etc all in the same pattern.It was too much!


Great socks!!!

brenda in toronto

i know all about the matchy-matchy as a kid. my aunt not only made matching mother/daughter dresses for my mom and i, she also made matching clothes for my dolls and barbies out of the remaining fabric. i have a photo of my mom, myself, three barbies and two dolls ALL IN THE SAME DRESS. heh.

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