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hang in there caro, it's supposed to be more temperate soon...either that or your non-broken A/C will arrive. fingers crossed for both!


yep, it's super hot here. feel free to come hang out in my air conditioned house! i don't know how you're coping without a/c!!!


Okay. I made that comment on your flickr photo yesterday, but I saw the weather report for "up there" and I guess you can be allowed to whine. ;) Stay cool!


at least it broke a bit last night! it's still warm, but the humidity is gone. at least here in nyc.


she in NYC with no AC... fully and wholly commisserates!


Nope, I don't blame you at all. But it's better today, thank goodness. And I love that your kitty will sleep with a cool facecloth on her belly. So adorable!


Ouch! I think the rest of the week is supposed to be a little cooler, right?


Oh no! That sounds just brutal. I'm a winter girl myself, so once the temp is above 74 here I get uncomfortable, above 84 I'm just miserable.

Good job creatively cooling down the kitty!


Hello Biloxi Blues reference! Love it.

My dear, I feel your pain. We don't have the A/C here in California, not that we normally need it, but when it got up to 109 a few summers ago we, and the pets, nearly died in hot sweaty piles.

I finally gave up and bought an A/C unit to wheel around the house like trailer trash and I hardly care.

I'm so sad that your A/C showed up broken. ASSHOLES. I would have come unglued, but you know that.

Stay cool, my friend. And I love that the cat has a cool washcloth and appears to enjoy it.


it's going to be a cool and dry 78 tomorrow. i bet you're already feeling the coolness.


Dude. I feel ya. You are braver than I am for even attempting to sew. I gave up entirely after frizzing felt with my sweaty fingers.


I'm so with you! 60's to 70's is PERFECT for me. Above 75-78, I wilt... Bigtime.

I agree with Nell, anything above 75 and I'm done for (and yes, it does sometimes get that hot here in the UK!). My friends can't understand why I spend all day indoors when it's hot!


I love the photo of your cat, it is absolutely adorable.


I was in Texas two weeks ago to visit family and friends. It really is hot...I had sort of forgotten because the past two summers I went home it was strangely cooler than I'd imagined my entire life, growing up.


The picture says it so well, "ahhhhhhhhh, relief." Great photo. Think cool thoughts.


At least it has been a little bearable lately, right? I actually hate to sweat, and nothing makes me happier than the necessity of wearing a sweatering inside a library when it's like 100 degrees outside. I love the picture of you with the fan. Love it.


It was so nice to meet you in person last night!

Also: Awwwww, look at the little washcloth! It's even cuter than you described.


Just found your blog randomly through a comment on Pepperknit. I'm Caro, too, AND my cat looks exactly like yours. Honestly, they could be twins. I'm willing to accept that there might be millions of Caros in the blogosphere, but a clone of my Lucy? It's a little creepy!

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