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I'm so glad you're going to sell these! I will definitely get one from you.

frecklegirl jess

Oh! I want one!! So pretty!

I started doing the 365, seeing all your great photos, and I want to learn to use my big girl camera. (ordered some For Dummies books- haha)


Oh, I love it! My two dslrs need new straps. If you can throw in a manly styled strap or two so I can buy one for my hubby too!


LOVE the camera strap.

I shall be checking etsy to see when you post them.

; )


Can I pre-order one of these? I just love it!


Yay! I totally want one.


Oh, I totally want one of these! Great idea, they look awesome.


Very cool! When I get my own I will totally order one!


such a great idea, our fancypants camera is officially the husband's...will you be making straps for boys too?!


I love it! How would you feel about guitar straps?? I've got a Taylor that would look fantastic with a custom SplitYarn strap...
and I wonder how one would look with my Canon Powershot G9...too much strap for a camera that's NOT a DSLR?


Ooh, I may have to jump on the camera strap bandwagon. I just got a new DSLR and a custom-made strap would be PERFECT!


Yes Please! I'll take mine in Greeeeeeeen! (Srsly, Great. Idea.)


I want to put in my order now - for a certain person's birthday that is a few month's off, but when you see a perfect gift, you have to get it.

I'll keep an eye out for an update on the blog for when these have hit your store.

Awesome awesome, Caro - as always!

Kim U

Squee!!! I can't wait until you list these, spectacular idea.

Peacock Chic

wow what a great idea!! Those are going to be fantabulous!!


of course you know how freakin' fantastic i think this is.


Yay! I can't wait to see the straps!

Christy / Not Hip

I like it when there is something meaty behind zippers

Nice strap


This is such a GREAT idea!!


I received a new camera today for my birthday, and was *just* thinking about looking on etsy for a fun camera strap!! Now I will wait anxiously for your shop to carry them!! Squee!!! So exciting!


SWEET! Can I pre order mine????
I love this.

brenda in toronto

w00t! can't wait!


That is so awesome - much better than my scratchy strap with "EOS Digital" splashed in huge letters. I may just need to get one of these when they come out...


What a beautiful and wonderful idea!


Brilliant! I want one too for my new DSLR! Are you taking pre-orders??

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