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Ok. That's me stalking your Etsy shop for the next few weeks! I just have to have one!


Ooh, those straps are awesome! I don't have an SLR (yet!) but want one of these. :D


Oh gosh! Love your camera strap. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog. I just got a Canon Rebel XTI and was kinda unhappy with the pics it is taking but I see you have the same camera and your pics are amazing. Now I gotta get that lens you recomend and a better photo editing program, READ the camera manual, and try again. You have insired me. Oh and I gotta make a snazy new camera strap. Mabye that too makes a difference in pic quality. Ha!

Love your blog. :)


Great idea! I hope you make a bunch because I want one too! I currently have my father in-law's from the 70's which is pretty swanky itself but I'd love to be able to switch them out occasionaly. So creative!!


What a fantastic idea!


Oh, Love your blog by the way!!


Aw man. I have been able to talk myself out of buying pouches from you by giving myself a stern, practical talking to ("what do you need another pouch for?" etc), but I think I won't be able to resist the practical and pretty camera strap. Daaaaarn yooooooou, splityarn stoooooooore!


You know, what everyone else said. Awesome.


Awesome strap! Pure genius.


I just love the camera strap!!! Wow.....


OK. I must buy one of these for my Nikon. I currently have a hand strap on my camera. But at times I need to use a strap. My current strap is ho-hum. I will keep watching you site.


Do you do custom orders? I feel the need for a coordinating strap, wristlet, and if you're up to it -- compact flash card holder. So I can coordinate it all with my branding. :-)

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