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brenda in toronto

well, if it helps, i've ripped my latest project three times because of sizing issues. boo.

and what are you thinking of deadwood so far?


Yup. I had the same problem with my Tangled Yoke, and to the frog pond it went. I love the color, and I'll bet it will become a wardrobe staple so it's worth the rip-n-redo.


I tend to ignore that niggling feeling, too. When will we ever learn?


Deadwood ... another one for the queue ...


and if you dothe solar mitts from the rowan accessories book 20...its waayyy to big ...do 51 stitches instead of 71 and they they actually fit..who tests these patterns anyway ????


Ack! That's the worst! When you totally *know* that it's just not right - too big/small/F'd up - but you keep going *hoping* it will work out. Maybe the pattern has a secret to tell. Maybe there will be a surprise ending and the giant sleeve/collar/etc will just magically work itself out.

Then, sadly no. It is just as you suspected. And time to start over. Boo.

I hope that at some point the voice saying "No! Stop now! It's totally jacked!" will get louder than my "Shuddup! I've already worked on this for two hours and I'm not stopping now!" voice.

Looking forward to seeing the redux.


Ack! Noooooooo! That blows. I hope you can put it down and rip! It WILL be worth it!


I have more trouble with sleeves than any other part of the sweater. It almost seems as if the gauge swatch is playing tricks on you when you start sleeves. I've started comparing the sleeve dimensions in published with the gauge I get on a sweater body before starting them because the body is so much bigger and gives you a better guide. This revelation has occurred after many mishaps, and I've been trying over the last several months to fix different sleeve problems. I'm at the point where I almost feel as if I'll abandon the sleeve instructions completely and just draft the sleeve pattern on my own so it looks like the picture (or is the sleeve I want).


Now I'm thinking about that SNL sketch 'The Falconer' and having a good laugh! hahahaha!

Although that does suck about that sleeve.


What a drag about your sleeve. Still, with lots of Deadwood to watch, maybe re-knitting isnt so bad. How are you liking Deadwood?


Oh, I just finished my first TY sleeve, too. It's not quite so bad, although it is wider than I'd like and wider than it appears on the model.

But at least it knits up quick. :-)


I had exactly the same problem with Tangled Yoke (right about the same time - mid April)

I went down a needle size, that didn't do it. I decreased stitches -and- went down a needle size and that's what I went with. If I weren't making the smallest size, I would have just gone down a size in the sleeves. Don't feel so bad about having to rip back. I decided to start over after having knit TWO sleeve gauntlets!

(aka stashmaster on Ravelry, where this project is described)

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