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I love the expression on the guys face behind you while you're doing that cartwheel!

brenda in toronto

i heart that cartwheel shot (it's me, SassyLeo from the 365ers!)


Aha! So that's how people I've never heard of found my cartwheel video!


I love your eye candy. This weekend I am hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the starts of spring myself :)


So much fun! I remember cartwheels. - Good Grief I'd kill myself now, but I DO remember them *grin*.


Hey! I buckle my belt on the side too! It looks so much better that way. :)


I've never been able to do a decent cartwheel, but I have memories of my dad doing them across the back yard, to teach my sister! My dad was a big, tall trucker, which makes it all the more amusing....


sweet cartwheel!-me-I never mastered them!


Aww, I've *never* been able to do a cartwheel. I've tried and tried! (So you can do another one, for me, if you like. :)


Cartwheels are a thing of my past, having tried one a few years back. My wrist reminded me of it for months. But sometimes I SO want to do one.


I loved all of these cartwheels last week! You guys made me laugh. There is no doubt in my mind that my body is absolutely incapable of cartwheeling. ;-)

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