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It'll be nice to warm your hands in the pouch if needed. Great color.


I'm loving the color you chose for the sweater! May I suggest duplicate stitching a little design on the upper chest area? your initial, perhaps? Or,if you have enough yarn make two little square pockets to put towards the sides of the sweater? That'll make it not-plain, and yet not have a big ol' pocket smack dab in the middle of your stomach..


Personally, I find that kangaroo pockets allow me to hide the poochiness a little bit. I am a fan. I have many kangaroo pocketed sweatshirts. You know, for the poochiness.

Meanwhile I may have to go take a look at your needle cases since the one you gifted me back in the day has reached capacity and started to fight back. :)


yes indeed I know that feeling.
I love that yarn.
and ummm I might have to stalk your needle cases if I get my paycheck in time. really could you have better fabric and fiber tastes?? :)


I'm really pleased to hear that I haven't missed the needlecases this week. Sounds as if they're going to pretty popular but hope to manage to buy one.


Wicked is looking great!! It was awesome to meet you at SPA!


I love the color! I can't wait to see the pouch. I am sure it won't create that pooch effect. The needlecases look great too. Good luck.


I can't wait to see it!

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