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Here's my view on the pocket: I did the kangaroo pocket on my Rogue and while it's awfully handy, it IS a knit kangaroo pocket and I look like I'm several months with child. Which is, you know, not flattering. So I walk around proclaiming how not pregnant I am. So maybe no pocket?

Peacock Chic

OMG the kitty picture is hilariuos! Run little kitty, run!


HAHAHAHA! You have a Swatch Thief! We have one in our house, too . . .


Isn't it nice how the kitties like to carry the yarn around? LOL

Silver Ilix

You didn't mention in your last Teek-inspired post that he loved your knitting so much that he STOLE it! wow..... you may have to knit that cat a blankie, then he could drag it around like Linus! LMAO...... that would rock.


Ha ha... He has good taste in yarn. Your Mom will love the Tangled Yoke. I made one for my best friend and she loves it.




Oh to copy you and your knitting.
Maybe if I finish the minimalist cardigan :)
In the meantime Ill feel grateful Charlie just lays on the knitting!


I can haz swatch?


Hmmm...pockets can be tricky - my best guess is to look at what you already have and see if you're a pocket/no pocket person.

Love the swatch-thief (very good taste!), I suspect though that your cat won't spontaneously start knitting if you leave yarn & needles out for her though...


OMG!! That is so cute! Does he think it's a kitten? Where does he take them? Does he have a collection? Adorable!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Clearly, you've hit on the solution to gift-knitting stress. Priceless.

Love the cat picture! I can't tell you how many times I've had to retrieve my yarn, needles, or knitting from the dog yard. Bleah.


Do you watch 30 Rock. Because I can't see the word "pockets" without thinking "It's got POCKETS" and, well, for that reason alone I'd say that pockets are a must.


Oh, that is so adorable! And although a "swatch thief" would probably really annoy me, it's so cute! (Nice sweater, too, and I say forget the pocket.)


Teek is so cute, it is hilarious that he takes the swatch. My cats carry things around our house all the time - does he proclaim that he has it with loud meows? Ours do that with toys... only annoying in the middle of the night :)


still in limbo with the pocket? i wonder if it's only cute if you stand around with your hands in your pocket all day...
the plummy tweedy yarn is yummy. if teek thinks, so we must think so, too.


My female cat, Ifa, looks so much like Teek. My husband thought I uploaded a new photo of Ifa until he realised, "Hey! We don't have white cupboards like that! That's not Ifa!". Haha...

Here is her photo:


Wow! What a great pic of your little swatch thief!


Aww....you have a kitty to check your gauge! How helpful!

Lee Cockrum

The cat is hilarious! I used to have a cat that carried socks around. While making this odd noise, perhaps what a mother cat makes to her babies?!

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