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looks great! I really like it without the pocket, and Four Play is a great yarn. (also: thanks for the tip on the sizing/negative ease.)


Oooh that's really cute! I think I need to make one!


It looks lovely!


It looks terrific! That last photo is truly wonderful.


You're making me want to tackle Wicked again! My first go-round was, well, my first sweater, so I didn't notice any warning signs and it came out way to big. I'm loving the color of yours and the short sleeves.


Congrats! The color is dreamy. I love how shapely it is. I've been wanting to knit a vest or pullover for some time. This is great inspiration.


Honey, you are totally rocking that sweater! Gorgeous and marvelous. The color is so deep and rich and looks great! R


I love it! The colour looks great on you. Thank you for the sizing tip too!


Wicked looks great on you! And the colour is perfect. BTW, did Teek give back the swatch?


Your Wicked turned out great and it looks really cute on you!


It really turned out great - just perfect on you!


It came out really cute. Love the color!


It looks great and the color looks wonderful on you too. I love green.


That looks amazing on you! What a beautiful job and yarn choice. I like it without the pockets too.
The last photos is fantastic, by the way.


Wow, that sweater is so absolutely amazing on you. Such a flattering fit! I think it looks much better without pockets, too. Thanks for the negative ease tip. I'll keep that in mind when I make mine.


It's beautiful-I am a cardigan girl too-but wow I just might try one!


It looks just beautiful and fantastic on you! Now I want to try out this pattern for myself.


Beautiful and so flattering! I'm feeling inspired to make one now, too. Thanks for the sizing tips. I tend to knit a size too large since I'm not a tiny girl and I don't want to look too busty. Of course that results in bag-like knitted garments. :-(

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

It looks great! I haven't been inspired to knit this one before, but now it's looking like a fun, easy sort of project for spring. But really, two sizes down? Is the pattern oversized, or is it really stretchy? (It looks like stockinette to me, and mine isn't usually that elastic, but I'm probably missing something.)


I love Brooks Farm yarns and I now know what I can make with my Fourplay!

You look marvelous!


I love Brooks Farm yarns and I now know what I can make with my Fourplay!

You look marvelous!


I followed you here from your etsy shop-- gorgeous sweater, that complements you perfectly. I'm not a knitter, but my sister in law is, and I think she will enjoy your blog very much.


Wicked cute! Glad you went pocketless.


Me encanta el jersey, visito tu blog muy a menudo. Es uno de mis favoritos. FĂ­sicamente me parezco mucho a tĂ­, a si que me das muchas ideas. Ahora me estoy haciendo un Top Down. Felicidades por tus trabajos.


Caro, it looks wonderful! I need to add this to my Ravelry queue.

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