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I am totally over the moon for that color scheme!! Gorgeous!


Beautiful colors.


brilliant AND beautiful.


I should hire you to write my ad copy and take my photos!


It is *almost* to pretty to knit - enjoy!

pamela wynne

GREEEEEEEEEN!!! these are going to be smashing.

pamela wynne

Dude. I just want to say that I submitted that comment before I noticed the title of your post. It must say something about the power of this color combo that we both had precisely the same squeee! response. (Though I think yours has more Es? It's *your* blogspace, after all.)


I was coveting Mafia's Greeeeen! Kit at SPA. Your photos certainly captures the color perfectly. Congrats on the acquisition!


Simply gorgeous...I can't wait to see you knitting on them!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

OK, I've admired these on the Hello Yarn blog for while but now? Totally jading on them. Oh those colors!


OMG, I just had to go and get the pattern for myself...no more kits right now!!!! So nice, can't wait to see yours!

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