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I think I'm intimidated by the idea of using my tripod and self-timer so much! Your photos are wonderful!


I love flickr.. I love it SO much, I think it might be obsession. Your photos here are great..and it is nice to have some of the person who usually is the one taking all the pics.. the one of you and your Dyson is the best!


I love your 365 set. I started mine to let me have more fun with my camera, and I definitely have, but I still need to push myself a little more!


Love your set! i totally want to get more involved with this project... perhaps i'll check out the support group!
That pic with your finger a flame is awesome. So cool!


It's a really cool project. I've loved seeing all the creative things you've done with it. That and it doesn't seem like you've moved away since I still see you everyday.


I, for one, am super-thrilled that you joined the ranks of us 365-ers, because it actually helped me get to know you better! I'm on day 435, and still going strong.


Your pictures are wonderful--thanks for sharing!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

That vacuum cleaner hero shot just cracked me up so much that my eight year old came running in to see what all the fuss was about! I don't think he quite got it, but you're certainly speaking my language.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

I had to go check out the rest of the photos. (Your eyes are amazing. So expressive.) My favorite is #100--the one with the picture of yourself at 19. My god, wouldn't we all just love to talk to our 19-year-old selves for an hour?

Amy Curran

I need to do this...maybe next year. I can only hope to get a couple of shots as great as these.


I love all your photos. You're very creative and so darn cute too!
I've had a lot of fun doing the 365 project, I think I'm on day 70...


I am doing the same project too except mine is to capture a moment in a day for 366 days. :*)


OMG -- LOVE the photo with your Dyson.

Which reminds me -- I really need to get mine out and use it.


Wow - how inspiring! I had never heard of the 365 Days. Thanks for the info.


love following your 365.
also love that first shot. fabulous.


Your photoset was amazing. I loved so many of the pictures, but that one double exposure of you on the couch knitting with yourself was just awesome. I also loved the one where kitty and you were playing with the sheet on the bed. I hate to sound like a voyeur or something, but I think people's everyday lives are the most fascinating thing! Thanks for giving us such an intimate glimpse into yours. You seem like a very content person--and that's inspiring. Thank you.


The photo of you with the flame is the neatest freaking picture! Love it!!


Fantastic! I love this idea - and your photos are so much fun! I really like the one with the kitty in the bed. One of my kitties does same thing and I love every minute of it! I participated in a fun photo project a while back called photo friday (http://www.photofriday.com) but somehow fell out of the habit. Every friday you get a new theme and have all week to come up with a photo. I don't know if I could do every day, but once a week is pretty doable.

Fantastic photos and inspiring creativity!


great photos.. today I finished my first week..

It's so much more challenging than I thought. Yesterday I took 70 photos.
Thank goodness for digital.


Ha! I'd not seen that photo of you with the vacuum cleaner before.

Also, you're absolutely right about 365 not being narcissistic. It's much more about creativity and community.

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