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LOVE the color you are making!


Oh my goodness. The color is gorgeous. "Wicked" gorgeous. Okay, that was bad. But way to go on having the courage to pick that old yarn. I may do the same! R


Now THAT is incredibly lovely!


That green is gorgeous. Right now I'm waiting for yarn to start my own wicked - so I'm going back to check out that old post of yours.

Have a great time at SPA! I had no clue it was this weekend (yeah, I'm really keeping up with that list)


That yarn looks so yummy! Love that stitch marker, too.

Wicked is one of my favorite patterns - quick and easy. Hope the sweater turns out great this time around.


hopefully it will be more successful the second time around! the yarn is beautiful!


Isn't it just delicious to knit with? My green Four-Play sweater is finally about to be seamed. I am looking forward to finally wearing it!


How had I never read your blog before? (And hi, I'm ThatBlondeGirl over on the 'ol Flickr).

Are you making a cardigan version? I really, really love that pattern as a cardigan (but only really love it as a pullover).


are you knitting it two sizes smaller as you had mentioned before? i am about to embark on wicked and we have similar body shapes (as much as 2D allows me to glean)... i'm a little nervous since i've seen many wickeds end up too large.

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