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I really like it! if I ever get around to making one, I think I'll remember what you said here and add waist shaping! it looks great :)


It looks great! I really like your yarn.


It looks GREAT! Love the color especially...


I don't knit, but I just had to tell you how great your hoodie looks. That is quite a project, and you did such an awesome job! Woo-Hoo! It's so fun to finish a project, isn't it?


I think it looks great on you!!


Way to go! I'm jealous. There I said it. :D It looks great. Tell me, did you at any point feel it might be to small around? Stupid me had that feeling and still kept going. Now, if I try to use the buttons I have, it gaps like a mofo.. So it's Zipper for me. While I wouldn't ALWAYS wear it closed, I'd like to be able to when I need it, and I'd like it to look reasonable, too.


Beautiful! That close up button shot excites me to no end :) It really came out nice and looks so good on you.


I think it looks great! I too will refer back to you about waist shaping when I get around to knitting this.

frecklegirl jess

Super pretty- that first pic is too cute. Happy sweater photos!


Beautiful! Love the color, and it looks great on you.


gorgeous! i've loved that button close-up since you posted it on flickr.
love the tweed, the fit and the mods you made. great job!

Jeanne B.

Oh, wow, great job! I'm totally digging the yarn and the buttons. Good idea on the hood and button band. My CPH is finally cast-on and I think I'll follow your tip on the hood/band because it makes sense.


I love this! It looks fantastic on you!

I think I'll steal your button band idea too! Thanks!! :)


Your CPH looks great. I am going to knit my 2nd one soon, and I will be adding more length too.


I think it looks lovely.
What a beautiful color you chose. :)

Dave Daniels

Excellent work on the CPH, and your hair looks pretty fab, too. (Length, color and cut.)


Great job! I love the color.

You're encouraging me to get the lead out!


Looks great-I am also making the 44. Almost have the back finished.


Your CPH looks awesome!


Awesome!! The CPH is my absolute favorite pattern!! So comfy and perfect to wear anywhere!

Great job!


It looks fabulous on you! And it isn't black or brown!


Love it!


everything about it is just perfect.
beautiful work, again!


Super cute! It's such a great pattern, and it looks great on you.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

It looks great! It also seems to fit beautifully, despite what you said about it being schlumpy. I'm just finishing up the button band on mine now. Mine is pretty snug, and though I did not add waist shaping, it clings nicely.

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