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Looks fantastic so far. I may have to make one of these things myself.


It's may be "crunchy," but it looks good to me!


Hey I think it looks great, actually.

The back was actually my favorite part because it's pretty mindless. The hood feels never ending but maybe that's because I feel like someone's creeping up on me.


Ohhhhhh, that's lovely. Magnificent cables! I want to knit all the time. All. the. time. Except when it's time to play Guitar Hero. Basically, this work thing is really cramping my style.

You're going so fast, it'll be done next week! Can't wait to see!


Ohh, that looks great. Must finish two other sweaters...


It will block up just fine. Keep going, you're inspiring me to get moving on a cardi that's been languishing in the too hard basket!


The CPH looks great so far. The hood does take the longest to knit up though! Love the color too.


I think it looks GREAT. I love that - when yarn is kind of 'crunchy' - it makes me feel a little closer to the process. I can't wait to see it finished.

Jeanne B.

Dang, girl! You're fast! So far it looks superb. I'd suggest you consider joining the CPH KAL but you might be finished before you see this comment! LOL! (If you're interested anyway, it's http://cphkal.blogspot.com)


That is a gorgeous color for that sweater. Dang, girl, you are fast! I still haven't gotten your brown sweater out of my head!


doesn't look uneven to me at all! and you're a very fast knitter!!

s t a c i

Man, that is gorgeous. I'm really tempted to make it now! Can't wait to see it as an FO.


that is going fast! love the tweedy cables....it looks like it will bloom nicely after a block!


It doesn't look uneven to me, and the colour is lovely. I wish I knitted as fast as you.


That cardi has been on my list for ages. Seeing how quickly you're knitting it up makes me want to bump it up again! Love the color you're using.


What a yarn! it is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see more, Caro!


This has been on my to-knit list forever.
Yours is coming out great! :)


Wow, those cables sure pop with that yarn--or is it the camera lens? :) Can't wait to see it!

Silver Ilix

Wow, you are rockin it!! Awesome, That CPH is on my list for sure!


mmm. cables - love the twist - it's one I'm thinking of knitting myself. Just finished my own CPH just before the new year - yours looks gorgeous, cant wait to see it blooming!

Peacock Chic

oh wow that is coming out soooo nice. Keep it up!


Those stitches look magnificent actually, I love how the cables 'pop' out.

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