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LOVE the bag!!


The bag is very cool--I have used a plastic bag VERY similar to that for years as a knitting bag. We got them as freshman in college, with random "survival" crap, and it was sponsored by Seventeen magazine. It's embarrassing to pull it out, but it's such a good, sturdy bag! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the shop, too.


A very cute bag design. LOVE the houndstooth print! One thing that came to mind to make the construction easier would be to insert your zipper an inch or so below the top. That way it could be sewn flat to the fabric below and a strip of fabric above. The top strip of fabric could then be attached to your squared top just like a boxed cushion. You did an amazing job of attaching the zipper to the top but it had to be difficult curving it around a corner. Anyway, good luck and have fun working out your pattern, it's sure to be a hit.


setting a date to update the shop is a great idea, I should try that too, but when nobody is buying I sometimes just forget about it! :-) I think the bags looks great, I would love a clear bag like the one you're using - very smart! The b/w pattern is great too of course, but it is difficult to sew in "plastic". :-)

take care!

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