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Does he hold it down before tying to rip it apart... Mine does (with is cat toys & plastic bags) I think it is so funny to see him using his "hands."

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Git it, bitey!!


I'll have to take a photo of the quilt my sister gave us as a wedding gift. It is black, white, cream and grey and it is GLORIOUS. We use it all summer long (it's lightweight and loverly) and it is just perfectly beautiful and not at all ugly.

Stupid quilt marm - what does she know anyway? I bet her house is full of Precious Moments dolls or something equally barfy.


:) At least it's being used for something! Stupid instructor - people like different things - there are no "right" colors!


There used to be a fabric store in Whistler?? Sigh. There was at least an art supply store when we first got here, but it was replaced by an incense and astrology shop shortly after. If I won the lottery, I think I'd open one of those swanky knitting cafes...


I don't think that's an ugly quilt. I think it is a perfectly masculine quilt - I can't tell the size, if small it would make a great quilt for a baby boy. Really, it's not bad at all. You're just hyper-critical and buy really cute fabric now. Stay warm.


I am smitten with the kitten, she is just so cute.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Well, I like the quilt!


That's an adorable kitty picture!!!


i don't think that it is ugly at all, it is a beautiful quilt. as is your cat!


My nephew wants me to make him a black and white quilt. The lady was not just a little uptight but massively uptight. And I wonder if he will bite this too......


Heh heh, I think I know who that quilt marm was!

How've ya been? :)

Dina Tellum

I don't often leave comments on a blog, but I just wanted to add my two cents: I like the quilt, especially the colour combination. It looks quite masculine.


Um, obviously that quilting lady had never ever heard of the Amish, who use black, brown, rust, and other dark colors extensively in their quilting work. And whose quilts are among the most sought-after by quilt collectors. You should have told her that colors are too worldly (as are zippers and buttons).


Adorable post! And beautiful photography all through your site.

gray la gran

recently, i was knitting on a baby surprise jacket at my lys. an old woman looked to see what i was doing ... she leaned in and said , "oh! those aren't baby colors! babies don't look good in those colors!" i was knitting in earth tones, that slowly graduated. she was old, an ornery (sp?) ... i looked at her and said, "well, you knit the pastels, i'm going to knit this!" .... ugh. my theory is that we mostly wear pastels in our babyhood because we're way to wee to protest .....

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