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A wonderful version of that sweater! I love your color, too. You know you just contributed to my growing Ravelry queue, because I had to add it to mine.


It turned out perfectly!


Gorgeous! It really suits you!


I love it! That turned out great!!!


Awesome. Adding that to my Ravelry queue too. Nice job.


I LOVE IT! It looks great on you!


Congratulations on finishing it! It's beautiful. Love the long sleeves. :)


Wow, that is pretty. My Twist is different-no cables on sleeves or back.


It looks awesome on you! The cables are great and the colour is perfect on you. Excellent yarn choice!

BTW, nice haul from Webs.


How terrific is that? Your sweater looks great - congratulations!


your cardigan is beautiful!


Caro, it looks fantastic! I saw the photos in your Flickr and had to pop on over to see all the details.


It's wonderful!! and it fits great! You'd think I'd get a move on and finish CPH. I know. But something keeps getting in the way of getting a zipper and I'd like to have it handy because once I finish the sleeve I want to just put the zipper again. I'm crazy, don't mind me. :))

Nadia Lewis

Wow! Looks great -- one of those super versatile, wear-it-every-day kind of pieces.

Lee Cockrum

Great sweater!! Looks fabulous on you.


That is such a gorgeous sweater! I think the collar is my favorite touch - finished, but not overwhelming, and those little cables in there are eye-catching! Looks wonderful on you, I hope you get to wear it lots this winter :)


Great job! It's gorgeous. Now I want to knit one.


It looks so fabulous on you!! All the usuals: great fit, great color, etc. :) I particularly like the yarn - like you said, it can match everything with those two colors plied together. I need to remember this colorway number!

Enjoy your lovely new knit!


Lovely! I love the way the ribbing melts into the cable twists. That is definitely the perfect color for a favorite cardigan.


This sweater is fantastic! I love it. The color, the fit, everything is amazing. Well done.


Caro, that's really beautiful and inspiring. I hope that you are doing wonderfully, and I'm jealous that you got to go to WEBS!! :)


Beautiful combination of yarn and pattern. I love this colorway. Thank you for mentioning the color number and that is has two plies of brown and black. I'm quite sure I will be buying some of this soon. A most successful knit!


Beautifully done - it looks fabulous and fits you perfectly!


Beautiful sweater - the color and the fit are great. It looks wonderful on you!


Love love love it.

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