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i'm all fired up to do stuff but i'm stuck at work. wahhhh!


Oh man, I know that feeling. For me, it happens after 10pm, when my brain wants to do stuff but my body is too tired to co-operate. Do you have a mailing list for the shop? I am way behind in my bloglines reading and I missed the last update until it was too late to get those adorable change purses.


I hear you! I am in a knitting slump, but sewing is going well for me lately so I'm just going with the flow (that's so hard for me). And Hey it's ok to BUY sweaters & mittens even though we're knitters.


Hope you get your knitting mojo back soon. I've got a bunch of WIPs and a stack of DVDs to keep me company but can't manage to be home and awake at the same time lately.


I'm all fired up to knit for ME (freakin' icy Iowa!), but have Christmas knitting to finish!


I totally feel you! I have the same problems too! There are so many things I want to play with and try out, but not enough time to do it all in! I need to have a clear head to think out certain things, but never do! Good luck! I like the hat pattern you chose!

s t a c i

hahaha...the hyped-up-on-coffee example is perfect. Made me laugh.

That hat will look really good on you...


"It's like when you drink too much coffee and you're fired up to do something, but you're too jittery to get anything done properly."

Um, no. I know nothing about that feeling. Nothing.


it's funny when you feel like you want to start 800 things, but not knit on anything....cute mug...any chance you remember where you got it?


You speak wisdom. And I love your coffee mug. :)


that's the perfect analogy. i know exactly how you feel. thanks to ravelry, i have over a hundred projects in queue and i want to knit them all. if only i didn't have to sleep. how DOES martha do it?


Just wanted to tell you that the coffee/knitting picture up there is gorgeous. I pretty much want to use it for my desktop wallpaper forever. :)

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