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That is timing!!! The snow looks beautiful. LYS within walking distance! Sweet!


yes, you are a lucky one!!


Well, at least someone is excited about the snow :)


I love snow! Especially when I don't have to drive in it. I also am a lucky soul with a knitting store withing walking distance. I am totally tempted to go get some cascade 220 now.


That's so great! I'm glad that you are enjoying your new home. :)


No kidding, it sure sounds that way!


Enjoy your snow day...our version of it down in PA. was a treacherous ice storm!!


It's finally not hot in Big Texas and I've worn handknit sock for two days in a row, but I'm still very jealous. Snow, boots, walking anywhere much less to a LYS, I think you are in heaven.


You are so damn cute. I just want to see if you're still loving it in March..... HA!!! (I can say this since I'm from Vermont!)


Hooray! (Here, too - all day, and another 10 cm or more by tomorrow night. Still a few hazards on the ski-out, but it's getting there.)


I'm so jealous of the LYS within walking distance...but not the snow! I've got to drive at least 30 minutes to my LYS and that's because it just opened up in its current location. Before that it was 45 min to an hour. Anyway, enough griping, I'm glad you had a great day.


woo-hoo!! snow in the city rocks.

4 hours on the road because of the snow doesnt' rock so much. but my mini made it home like a trooper so it's good. yay mini!


lucky you! walking distance to a LYS! We ended up with about a foot of really light fluffy snow. It was nice to watch it come down with a hot cup of tea...


And here I thought that I was lucky because I only live at the most 5 minutes away from my LYS by car. I love my little zippered bags by the way! So cute...now I just need to decide who is "special" enough to receive one. One is definitely for me!


Aww, you look so happy and at home in that photo!! I wish it would snow here, we've had rain rain rain!!

s t a c i

It's like you've moved to another PLANET compared to Austin, huh? You look very much at home in a wool coat and cap (makes sense considering your history!).

It isn't exactly cold in Austin right now, but chilly enough that long pants are required. It's nice to have a short break from shaving my legs. :)

s t a c i

whoops - I hit "post" before I was finished...

I'm really enjoying watching your 365 photo project!


YAY, SNOW! I left work early, got a hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts ont eh way home, changed immediately into flannel pj's and sat on the couch enjoying the christmas tree. And I shoveled at 9:00pm. When was the last time you got to see snow like that?


that sounds pretty much perfect.

love this picture.


I remember feeling that way about snow. A long, long time ago. I'm glad you enjoyed your snow day so much. :)


Snow?! But you're missing the Texas winter, rain, fog and a random series of cold fronts so you never know if it's going to be 40 or 80 degrees out. Oh well, have fun with the white stuff.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Wow! How beautiful. Enjoy your night in!


heh. i was thinking of you as i was slogging down highland last night, wondering if you were as giddy as i imagined at this wee bit o winter we're having. t'was beautiful, no?


No contentment for me until there are good tires on my four wheel drive. We don't get the New England snow but I'm still very leery about driving in it. Go get those snows on!


Look at you! You are so cute!

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