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OK, that photo of the kitty gnawing on the tree is absolutely hilarious. LOLCat worthy.
(I Can Haz Ornimunt?)

I'm glad things are working out for everyone with the kittehs, and I can't wait to see that sweater!


You're wearing the sleeves of the sweater while you seam up the shoulders, aren't you? Optical illuuuuuuuuuusion.

Teek is clearly a maniac and related in some way to Fat Rocket, our house beast of wonder.


Awesome photo of tree-chewing kitty! :D


That is one fierce kitty! The ornaments wouldn't have stood a chance. Can't wait to see a finished Twist!!

Catie P

Such a cute kitty. All of our ornaments in the early kitten years were of some unbreakable variety. We have a good stock for when we have kids. I remember one year my parents had adopted a kitten in the fall and he was a bit of a terror in the house. They tied the tree to the roof because I was still small and curious. Well the kitten discovered how to spin the tree and that was his favorite game!


The kitty chewing on the tree is hilarious!!

s t a c i

Ha...I was thinking LOLcat, too. (mmm...taysts like gin.)



11 lbs! Holy Cow! I bought little 3 footer for that reason alone! Twist is beautiful, can't wait to see it on you!

Silver Ilix

I have to say that I am glad the my cat's don't find the tree fun! I love your photo! Can't wait to see that sweater done hon! Merry Christmas!


Ha! I love the kitty chew chew photo! I made the mistake of adding bird ornaments to our tree this year, every other day the tree's on it's side when we come downstairs in the morning, feathers everywhere!! Can't wait to see the finished Twist!

xx Happy Christmas


:) great pic of the kitty! Happy Holidays!!!!!


Oh, the sweater looks sooo cozy. And that kitty picture is priceless!!! :)


HAHAHA! That picture sums up why we didn't put up a tree this year!! Our tree is prestrung with lights, and I was afraid Mardi would eat them and get zapped a la National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Also, that sweater is GORGEOUS.


Teek is the decoration for the tree. See a kitten makes a perfect tree ornament. And it is nice to hear the Indie is recovering and that Bicoe likes her new hime.

The sweater is beautiful.

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