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Very good decision! Some cats just can't take the close quarters with another....they are probably both a lot happier!


That must have been a hard decision to make, but it sounds like you solved the situation in the best possible way for Bicoe. When I read her backstory I got really angry. It never ceases to amaze me how some people treat pets as disposable. She was lucky that you were the new home buyers. :)


that is so sad, but I am sure they both appreciate the separation


Aw - that's a bummer, Caro! Good for poor Indy though, can't have kitty wasting away to nothing. I'm probably missing part of the story here, but how come Bicoe goes to the in-laws and Indy stays with you guys? Just curious.

When Bubba and I moved in together we realized our cats hated each other, but before having to decide which one was going to become the Outdoor Kitty, his cat decided to become the Pee Monster in which case, the decision was made for us.

Sorry Mugs!


Lucky Bicoe that you had such a good home for him at your in-laws!


I know how hard it must have been to move Bicoe in with your in-laws, but you're really doing the right thing for her. She'll have buddies to play with, she'll be able to go outdoors, and Indy will be happier, too...

You're doing the right thing, Caro - and you can spoil her rotten when you visit. :)



Siamese are sometimes find it hard to adjust to not having their way. And if they enjoy going outdoors, they don't like not being able to do so. That simple reason is why my cat has always stayed at my parents house. No matter how bad the weather, she still wants to stick her head outside to see for herself. Bicoe won't forget you though. And it is better to have a happy Indie. And Teek is still there to enliven things.


I have to say - I know where you are coming from. At the beginning of this year, I had 2 yorkies and 1 siamese/tabby mix. The oldest yorkie kept fighting with the cat, so I found a home for the cat. A very nice family who has said I can visit at any time. Then the oldest yorkie started beating up on my youngest yorkie and my parent's yorkie...so I had to find a home for the oldest yorkie - it was breaking my heart to do it, but they are all much happier now - I have a friend who always wanted a yorkie - so it all worked out in the end! And to this day, if her new parents fuss over another animal in her presence, she goes ballistic. Some babies need to be only children...sniff...visitation rights are a good thing!


Wow, hard decision to make but looks like you still have Bicoe in your life, just not under your roof. Here's to Indy lapping up eggnog and putting some meat back on those bones.


Aw Caro....I'm sorry chica.


She's now your destination kitty! Lucky! You have an excuse to go to the Cape whenever you can. That rocks. And a peaceful home rocks too. Sad for her to move, but she's healthy and happy and that rocks.


Oh, what an awful decision to make! I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time at her new place. Incidentally, where on the Cape? I grew up in Hyannis! What a small world! She'll at least have plenty of gray, rainy winters. Heh. :-)


Think of it as Bicoe going away to boarding school. She's still part of the family and you get to see her during holidays. Plus I know you'll spoil her with treats and knitted items when you see her. I know you'll miss that little fluffy chicken. Score: Indy:1 Bicoe:0 Teek:confused


i know this is after the fact, but one of our cats, the only boy, has become a psycho mess, picking fights, but at the same time, terrified of everything, including the other cats who are half his size. we got this stuff that you put in their water and literally within the first day, i noticed a drastic difference. rather than sleeping int he bathroom closet or on top of the fridge, he is back on the bed! we got it at petsmart, i think, it is called "calm down" i was concerned it would have a bad effect on the other cats (and our 4 month old kitten) but everyone seems fine. not sleepy, just not killing each other so much.

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