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This is VERY cute!!!


I love this and am actually thinking I want to make several for my in-laws Christmas gifts. Great color! Love the button.

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Two words: steam blocking. I can't possibly sit still for two or three days, waiting to see how my project has turned out. Unless it is absolutely necessary (lace, or--god forbid--acrylic), I steam block. Instant gratification. Can't wait to see the sweater, though!


That neckwarmer is loverly. I can't wait for the model shot of this and the sweater.


Fine. FINE. I will make this gorgeous and lusty looking neck warmy.

I LOVE THIS. Beautiful job as always. Plus, love the Ravelry link. You read my mind, missy.


oooo...I love this. It looks soft, cozy, and warm! I can't wait to see the sweater either!


I read the beginning of your post too quickly and thought it said "Husband #2 is in the Guest Room!" Whoops, she keeps a husband in each room?

But seriously, the neckwarmer is lovely and looks very comfy too.


I queued this one up awhile back - your version is wonderful! great button!


That button is perfect for that project. It looks like slate. I always have trouble finding the perfect button. Great job!

Susannah Rohloff

Hi, I was just bored and snoopy and... Wow, that is seriously one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen! You are so talented! Do you, um, sell these? I seriously would love to buy one, or two, or three....
I still remember the elementary school days when your mom made you all your clothes...guess you inherited her talent, eh? That is so cool.


What a nice neckwarmer. I need to make myself one of these.


This is so elegant. Love it!

pamela wynne

I hadn't seen the neckwarmer pattern, and it's just perfect. I love the asymmetry of it. Will definitely add it to my queue.

Can't wait to see the sweater!


beautiful - I immediately queued it in ravelry. The finer stitch you've used has worked so well.

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