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Ahhh, what a wonderful wife and lucky husband. He looks great in your knitted masterpiece!! Great Job


cascade 220 is awesome and so is that sweater. and the husband looks pretty spiffy in it too. someday i'll make joe a sweater and he'll actually wear it.


I think you did an awesome job. Its so great that he wears the sweaters that you knit. And now you live somewhere where its good to have wool sweaters. So lucky!


Caro, I love the sweater and your husband looks great in it. I haven't attempted to knit a sweater for my husband yet because I am convinced he will NEVER even put it on and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like that.


The husband looks marvelous in that sweater! Thanks for the ribbing tip - I'm going to have to try that one out.


Your husband's sweater looks great, and thank you for the wonderful tip too.


It looks wonderful. I love techKnitting's advice for lots of things too! :)


An absolute classic. Lucky husband.


I had to smile - just before reading this post, I was chatting with my husband about yarns and sweater patterns (searching for one for him) He said the same things: simple, clean lines, basic. All of these guys are the same. We agreed on a pattern, but now seeing this great version makes me wonder if I should run this one by him too! Looks great, Caro!

WAy to go on getting the model to stand patiently. And he looks very comfortable in it


Yay, a successful boy sweater! He looks great, it's a classic that he'll be wearing for years and years.


Fabulous fit! I'd be rubbing on him too. What a fabulous tip about the cuffs - I didn't even know it was a problem, now I'm going to go look at all my cuffs.


Yes, it is a beautiful fit and great colour. Well done.


Looks fab!


Wonderful sweater! It fits him so well.


Winner for best wife ever right here, people! That is a great looking sweater, and one that Bubba would wear for sure. How long did that take to work up?

And, hey, there's no shame in admiring your accomplishments - whether they be a fabulous husband or handknit sweater.


Oh it's lovely!

How are you liking living there?!?!?


You go with your manknits - it looks great! My husband has been asking for a sweater, I guess I should get on the ball with that.


Welcome to Boston!!! i am in Newton--- feel free to email:)

:) K


Love it! My boyfriend can never find a sweater pattern he likes. Maybe this will be the one!


Shoo... if someone wanted to knit me something that beautiful and classic, I wouldn't be asking why!! It's a perfect fit on your hubby and sure to keep him warm during the New England winter.

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