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Happy road trip!

My father's jokes always deserve a big groan - he told every boy I have ever brought home about how I drank "Bath water" when I was young. We lived in Bath, Maine for a time.


Mmmmmm, breakfast tacos! You'll have to make 'em yourself soon . . . if you need good tortillas, let me know and I will mail you some! (seriously.)

And your mom is adorable!


Yay for moms! And Breakfast Tacos! I really like the Breakfat Burritos at McD's. And capitaliazation of food products, apparently. Have a good trip! See you soon-ish! ;)


You and I could roadtrip - we have the same priorities: good food and baseball games. Where are you headed next? Get some BBQ when you go through MO :)


You gals are sooo cute. Safe trip and keep us posted. We'll miss you Caro - please visit. I still believe in a place called Hope.


After moving to Iowa, I discovered that I could actually make breakfast tacos at home (my favorites are chorizo and egg and bacon and egg, too). It never seemed worth it in San Antonio, but now that good Mexican food is scarce, 'breakfast' tacos are now my favorite dinner!

jennifer ramos

I think Bacon is Beacon for some people! At least the smell of it!

Bradley loves chorizo and egg. I opt for potato and egg. But I never can get how people live without breakfast tacos! Or else they call them burritos and us, weirdos.

Happy trails, lady :)

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