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I really love those headstones. One of my favorite things about New England was the awesome cemetaries.

Welcome to Massachusetts, Caro!

You'll be moving to California next, right? ;)


How funny: Big story on the front page of the Austin American Statesman this morning about the commercialization of Salem for Halloween. It seems we're all missing you!! Good Job rooting for the Red Sox!!


omg, i live right next to Salem. What town did you move to again? We have a great group on Sundays, too :) And I only do the red line on Wednesdays now pretty much :(

Susan B

Welcome to the East Coast from another East Coaster! Knowing that you're a wee bit closer to me (MD to MA is only - oh - 4 hours by car!) makes me a happy knitter!!! :) Have a great time in your new digs in Boston - 'twas my honeymoon town - you couldn't have picked a more fantastic place!


Hooray, welcome!

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