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Isn't it a bit early for Thanksgiving? :)

Nichole D.

Good luck getting it all ready to go! And yes, I think it is a bit early for Thanksgiving, as well...


*Canadian* Thanksgiving. We're all crazy with our different holidays doncha know. ;)


Oh you wacky Canadian! Happy Thanksgiving and happy grouting to you.


Okay, I apparently have not been reading your blog enough. Last time I talked you, you were keeping the sweet Austin house and not moving to MN.
Now you are off to Boston! Awesome. Good for you!


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you, Ms Caro. Enjoy your time in the hot hot Texas heat saying things like "y'all" and "howdy" with your cute accent before you have to start "pahking ya cah in tha garahge".

You know, I had to add that.


Good luck with the moving, we lived just North of Boston for 2 1/2 years and I loved it there, still support the Red Sox from afar. I love your coin purse and wristlet tutorials, just about to go shopping for zippers.


whew....that is a lot of work!


Welcome to MA!


Heck, I discover your blog just in time for you to split from town. ah well, enjoy Boston!

jenny r

Happy Thanksgiving! Do you get a make-up day for the missed feast?


Well, I was going to have extra stuffing anyway, so it was no big deal to have it in your name. :)


I stumbled upon your blog a while ago, but I'll delurk to say: WELCOME TO BOSTON!

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