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Awwww, sorry to hear you're sick . . . I'm hoping to get to Rhinebeck next year, too, so we can be new girls together!

I lovelovelove that kittycat peeking out the window picture!

Catie P

Glad you are settling in well, sorry to hear about you being sick though. Hope you feel better soon. The kitty peaking out is so cute.


OKay. So now you are IN Boston? For the millionth time I can't keep up!!!

And hey....make me some needle-cases when you can okay!? :)


Hope you feel better soon! And safe driving next week.

I meant to drop you an email after I picked up the IK Holiday issue -- Congrats! I'll be in line to get a needlecase once you're settled back in,...



Congrats on the IK Holiday Issue!!! Hope you feel better!!


Bummer, Caro. Sorry you aren't feeling well and had to miss out this year.

Already missing you lots here in Austin. Safe travels to you both next week. I'll be thinking of you in Mexico! Woot! Only 1.5 days until we're off.


OMG! GO RED SOX!!! How freaking exciting is this? Fingers crossed.


Ok, that pic of the kitty peeping out of the window is too darn cute!!


i'm sorry you couldn't come with us.

when you're back from austin and a little more settled, we all have to go out and do something.


Very cool to see your stuff in IK Holiday. Sorry you missed Rhinebeck. Hope we can get together as you pass through Austin this week.


I KNEW those were your needle cases! A friend of mine told me about them, and I totally had a feeling they were yours. Congratulations! Have orders went through the roof yet?


Tag, you're it!


Poor girl, missing the big R. I'm going to make it there someday!


I hope you're feeling better. You did miss some fun, but there's always next year.

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