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love the moving timeline - I moved every year in my 20s. I got good at packing. Now, in my 30's I wouldn't even think of it. Hire someone... :)


Ahhh moving! As a military wife I've experienced this. Although I haven't moved that much, I've made some big moves: Australia-Japan, Japan-Florida and then Florida-Virginia. We didn't have much leaving Australia because they provided our furniture there, but in Japan I left them do all the work. The only problem? They forgot our bed slats (must have thought they were just wood) and had to mail them to us, and they wrapped our bookcases in cardboard with all the books still in them! Yes, you read that right. Can you imagine how that influenced my moving experience since? I do a lot of my own packing or I watch very closely and micro-manage because I've seen them throw things in boxes that don't belong.


Good luck with the move!


i'm still at the "packing all of my own stuff, have burly men move it in and out" phase of moving, but i haven't moved cross country on my own.


I'm in my early-mid twenties now (that means 24 I guess) and I used to move every year and it sucked but you're dead on. It was the beer and pizza bribe to get my friends to help me move and the next time I need to pack up, I'm getting movers to lug the stuff out. Very perceptive of you.


Hello, clock! Where'd ya get it?

Austin will miss you :-(

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Chuckle. So true! When I was in college, I moved cross-country every summer and back again in the fall. The first year, I went on a plane and checked three boxes. The second year, I did it in a Nissan Sentra; the third year with a trailer attached to my car, and the fourth year with a truck! When my husband and I moved the first time, we packed ourselves and used a rental truck; the second time we hired two guys and a much bigger truck, and made two trips. After eight years and two kids, they will have to pry me out of here with a crowbar. I can't even imagine what it would take to move us now--nor do I want to!

Silver Ilix

Have a good move!


So true! We moved in March -- I'm 29 and hubby is 33 -- and we packed everything ourselves but hired a truck. I was surprised when they told us that we had very little stuff compared to other people in similar sized apartments. I felt like we had sooooo much crap, even after purging a good bit of it! My collection of boxes for the craft room in the new house was the second largest set of stuff (behind the kitchen boxes). I don't think we'll move again any time soon. If we do, I wouldn't mind being at the stage of letting someone else pack!!

frecklegirl jess

Can't wait to see you at knit night when you get settled! Safe travels!


Boston is my favourite city. Even better than Minneapolis. Wishing you good times to come.


I can't wait until we get to even the hiring a truck phase. At this point, with Bubba driving a pick up and all, he always *humors* me and says we can hire movers until the moment arrives and then he goes, "C'mon, baby! It won't be too bad. And plus, they'd break all your stuff anyway and wouldn't you be pissed?" Meanwhile, I tend to break all my stuff when we move ourselves, so I'd rather just have someone else to blame and yell swears at.

Let us know how it goes! I envy you.

pamela wynne

really? moving gets better? woo hoo!!
ah, but UN-packing is the great equalizer. :)


I'm so amused - one of my last big fights with my ex-best-girlfriend was over the fact that I wouldn't come and help her move. She was 33, well into the phase where you hire a mover. She was prego, I had all sorts of carpal tunnel & shoulder issues (and a strict no lifting over 5 pounds ban), and yet she couldn't get why I thought she should do that. *sigh*

I'm still shedding a little tear over the fact that you're leaving the Austin. But I'll gladly come to Boston to visit!

jenny r

Oh yeah! Amen! And along the way, in the process of moving many times, get rid of stuff you truly don't need so you don't have to pack it again later.


The last time we moved, we had about 500 boxes in a "high-cube 40ft container", on a ship from Singapore to Japan. In the past 18 years, we have lived in Houston, Shanghai, New York, Shanghai again, Hongkong, Singapore & now Tokyo. My husband & I met in Shanghai when we were both posted there. Married in NYC, son born in Hongkong & daughter born in Singapore. It's exciting for the most part. The only sad part is finding a good girlfriend all over again - one whom you can call up to chat & hv coffee with, you know what I mean.

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