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Hee! I saw Indy on ICHC yesterday and meant to email you! Whee!


the sock's looking good.

for the record, i officially no longer believe that this is the last of the travels for a while. lies lie lies, yahaaah.

Bad Hippie

Haha! I have pictures of all the cats, when they were "younger," messing with my yarn. Now, most of them know betetr. Although when I went on a trip, my husband woke up and found yarn all over the living room. The cats had OPENED UP A RUBBERMAID CONTAINER and un-wound every single ball in sight. No more travelling for mommy.


Sneaky Teek!


Oh my gosh - I saw that paw and I knew it was coming. He is the cutest thing ever. He really reminds me of my Niko when he was little, his markings are similar. And that yawn from the other day? I almost died from CUTE!


OMG. I'm seriously having palapatations about the sock in the kitty mouth here.


I saw Indy on ICHC on Wednesday. Cool!

pamela wynne

Way to go, Indy! Kitty eating cupcake? Cute. But kitty gnawing on sock? Totally precious.


I love the colors you choose! Interesting, but subtle.


awesome kitty action photo!


yay! Indy's famous! And come home soon...Teek needs his mommy and daddy's undivided attention


do they let you knit on planes? i assumed it was banned with all the security issues with sharp pointy things...
i am off to france for xmas and it will be the longest flight i have been on, so i would love to get some knitting done if i can.

jenny r

I saw the cupcake picture there last night! I only hit the site once every week or two, so I see new images several at once (more funny all at once). I was excited for you! They must get tons of submissions.

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