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Congrats and good luck! I've only been to Boston once, but I loved it. I hope you (and the kitties) will enjoy living there!


We're really going to miss you at the Saturday morning knitters' meetup. Best of luck and have a save move.

The Feminist Mafia

Wow! You're coming up here! You'll love it. It's a great knitting community.




Early welcome to Boston and the area. You'll love it up here! Definitely pack up the handknits, you'll need them this winter! : )


Boston! You lucky thing, I'm so jealous! Hope you have a smooth move...


Congrats! And wow - you guys do move fast. :)


Congrats, Caro!


Congrats, you'll love New England. Get ready to hear a wicked cool accent!!


Ah sugar, we're gonna miss you here. But maybe you'll use that mountain of airline miles from your jet set summer to come back and visit.


caro's coming to boston...caro's coming to boston...caro's coming to boston...caro's coming to boston ... caro's coming to boston.....


Wow! How exciting - and surprising and just WOW!


Oh, I can hardly wait to see your pictures of the foliage changing...


Um, what? Really, you're moving after all? Drats . . . I was hoping to see you at Kid n Ewe again this year! And other Texas stuff . . .


wow! That was fast! I guess someone else will get to enjoy the newly remodeled bathroom after all! Good luck with the move!


You're so lucky! Enjoy the cold!

Nichole D.

That's how I love to move. I perform so much better under pressure. I've never been to Boston, but I bet it will be such an awesome time to be there- yaay for fall! Good luck to you and yours in the move.


Congrats! Mad packing skillz, yo!

Hey, we might actually be in Boston in November, maybe we can say hi :)


*SOB!* You're leaving Austin? And I haven't seen you this summer? What a bummer!

But I loooooooove Boston, and love to visit there. Can I come and see you someday? With my fall sweaters? Because you know I'll have fall envy...

pamela wynne

Oh, congrats! Boston is a total sweater city. :)

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Oh, congratulations! I went to college in Boston (well, Cambridge) and it's one of my favorite cities. There's a good yarn shop in Harvard Square, just to get you started!


Hooray! Welcome!


How exciting! The perfect time of year to move to New England! I'm only about an hour from Boston - are you going to live right in the city?


Yayyyyyyyyy, can't wait to have you here for real. More knit nights! Good luck with the move.


Congratulations (even though I wish you were moving to Minneapolis ;-) !!!!


Caro, I am sorry that I didn't know. We will miss you so much! And Boston, damn, isn't that where Webs is? I know you will enjoy the adventure. And the weather. Do come back and visit. Best of luck on the move and everything. Keep in touch.

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